When I stepped foot off the bus today I had a bitter sweet feeling. It finally hit me – today would be our last day volunteering at the clinic. As soon as I saw the patients arriving I gained a newfound energy – as if it was day one all over again. It was my third day in registration, and I was looking forward to seeing each hope-filled smile that I would receive as I greeted each patient while placing their wristband around their wrist. While doing this simple yet important task, the only word that constantly came to my mind was togetherness, because when we come together we can make anything happen – and three back-to-back successful clinic days confirmed this.

Although I am very sad to be done with the clinic days, it’s great to look back at the memories and look at everything we accomplished together. Not only did our local medical team treat hundreds of patients, but (the hope is) our care changed each and and every life we touched. I will never forget the laughter of every child as they played while waiting to be triaged, or the glimmering look in each parents' eyes once they walked out with their medicine in hand, and a newfound hope in their heart that things will get better. In those moments I knew that together, we can make anything possible. Until next time Nicaragua, I’ll be back soon!

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