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Uganda, Nicaragua, Honduras + 4 more

August 2022 | Insight Global + OneWorld Health

Aug 27 - Sep 2, 2022
Tola, NI
1 spot left
Nicaragua, Outreach Team

October 2022 | Insight Global + OneWorld Health

Oct 8-16, 2022
Masindi, UG
2 spots left
Uganda, Outreach Team

December 2022 | ECU Honduras Outreach Team

Dec 15-22, 2022
Siguatepeque, HN
34 spots left
Honduras, Outreach Team, Partnership

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About Us

At OneWorld Health, we believe that your birth country should not determine your ability to access basic healthcare. We exist to provide quality, affordable healthcare to people, families, and communities that are caught in the gap between an under-functioning public system and an unaffordable private system.

In countries like Uganda, Nicaragua and Honduras, systemic problems impair people's ability to receive the type of healthcare they need. While quality healthcare is available in the private setting, the overwhelming majority of the population cannot afford the costs. This leaves them with one option, the public healthcare system. Yet the underfunded public system typically results in dangerous wait times, improper diagnosis and treatment, and limited access to needed services. While in theory all services are free, in actuality there are costs associated with receiving treatment beyond a typical consultation.

We are revolutionizing the approach to medical intervention in the developing world by moving beyond relief to achieve long-term improvements in health. We have implemented a sustainable model that ensures the communities we support will have access to healthcare for generations to come. OneWorld Health provides the capital investment in our healthcare facilities. This allows our facilities to charge an affordable fee to patients and achieve financial sustainability.

OneWorld Health sends teams of short-term medical and non-medical volunteers to serve the communities surrounding our project sites. During the development phases of our medical centers, these teams provide consistent care to the region, build a foundation of quality care and advocate for the clinic that is to come. Once our medical centers are in operation, these teams support the centers by continuing to provide quality care, training and patient referrals. OneWorld Health’s short-term trips pave the way for the success of our long-term projects.


Uganda Team | The Best Things

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Uganda Team | Outreach Day 2

By Amie York on 7/22/2022

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Uganda Team | Free Clinic

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Past Opportunities

Kelsey Full | MUSC + OneWorld Health

Aug 2-12, 2022
Uganda, Nicaragua, Honduras + 4 more

July 2022 | Insight Global + OneWorld Health

Jul 16-24, 2022
Masindi, UG
0 spots left
Uganda, Outreach Team

July 2022 | Surf + Serve Outreach Team

Jul 9-17, 2022
Tola, NI
11 spots left
Nicaragua, Outreach Team

June 2022 | Insider Trip Nicaragua

Jun 11-18, 2022
Tola, NI
Nicaragua, Partnership