Uganda Team | Free Clinic

Today I had a moment I wish I could relive again and again. We set up a free clinic in a town in northern Uganda for people who have zero geographical access to healthcare. Whether it’s due to cost of travel, medicine or time- these beautiful people don’t have critical medicine all the way down to Tylenol, anti acids or eye drops. However, you would never know the extreme poverty they face if you measured by the attitude and joy we saw in each and every one of them.

I was especially floored and sincerely unprepared for the kids. We played with everyone until their families had been fully treated to give the parents a respite after walking multiple miles to get to the clinic and they were ready to play! Huge groups of 50 plus children just loving life singing and playing games with nothing but stones and smiles. And boy did they love to run- no work out can compare to the level of cardio this crew will give you! This moment that I will cherish forever- was when the music came out. We brought a speaker and as the kids sprinted around it to dance I found myself in the eye of the storm. With a multitude of sweet trusting faces, I truly saw a clear show of Gods love. Trusting, whole and joyous. I can only hope the running, playing and dancing have to them a fraction of the fullness it gave to me.

+ Lily O'Brien

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