Uganda Team | Outreach Day 2

Today was our second day of outreach. We were in a different community, one where many receive little, if any, medical care. Having our eyes widened the day before to the world of medical community outreach, we were each in our own way, feeling a little better prepared for today's challenges.

Yet, about a couple hours into my day of registering people so they could receive care, my emotions went from joy to extreme sadness. While we served so many, there were many more still waiting to be served who could not be accommodated. I felt deep sadness as the words being spoken so graciously by our Team Coordinator and delivered through the translator began resonating among the people.

Later that afternoon we learned that we could service a few more. Yes, the need is still exceedingly great, but we served around 280 people today - 80 more than we thought we originally could. A few more burdens were just a little lighter today because of OneWorld Health's presence in the community today.

Throughout the day I saw and heard what seemed like hundreds of school children, led by some of our amazing Insight Global family of volunteers, playing games, running and laughing. Today, I also saw babies in critical condition loaded into a van, along with their parents, and taken to a nearby OneWorld Health hospital to receive the vital care they needed. Nine little lives were being saved in our very presence today. Again, joy and sadness playing with each other in my mind.

To see the need first hand today, to see the impact OneWorld Health has in meeting those needs, and to experience the range of emotions that came along with it, is an experience I am forever grateful for. Thank you Insight Global for being the light in this community today.

+ Monique Garlington

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