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Where am I today, you ask? I’m enjoying the cool Ugandan breeze on a beautiful day, on the porch of our hut (room) which sits in the middle of the Murchison Falls National Park. As I reflect on my week I have so much I want to say so I have decided to provide a top ten best things about this trip.

10 - They chose me to go on this trip along with 31 kind, real, loving, salt of the earth people who I feel I can call “mukwano gwange” (my friend).

9 - The opportunity 😊 to spend an additional 24 hours with half this group in various airports was a great way to really get to know each other. Yeah, it sucked, but the relationship building was a silver lining.

8 - Amie (OWH) and the travel team back home that worked all through the night and into the morning to get 25+ itineraries and people on new flights so we didn’t miss this adventure.

7 - The clinic that IG built. It’s rare that you can physically see and touch your donations. Not the case here, we spent an afternoon at the OWH Kyenjojo facility to visit the clinic that IG funded and will one day, with our continued support, be a full hospital.

6 - Hope, it’s more than an emotion, it’s our leader. Hope has taken the best care of all of us making this a safe and rewarding experience. Thank you Hope from #9!!

5 - Two moments at outsource that printed our hearts and will never be forgotten. Helping to save 9 children by transporting them to a local clinic to get advanced services. Providing wheelchairs to 2 grown men giving them mobility so they can attend church again.

4 - Jacqui along with Jane, Scovia, Pamela and the total OWH crew that have dedicated their talents, lives and time to One World Health. The core values - Service, Humility, Integrity, Empowerment, Love and Dignity (Shield) - is seen in all that you do. We wouldn’t be here without all of your dedication and hard work. Thank you!!

3 - Michael who had a vision, a big beautiful vision, and a heart, one so large I don’t know how it fits in his chest, and courage, bigger than the big cats we saw today, to invest his time and money in others so he could make a positive impact on our world and those around us.

2 - Serving 500+ people of Uganda over the course of two days. It was a privilege and an honor to be part of it all. It was an experience, for me, that truly filled me up with love, hope and courage. OWH, IG, Jessica, Joseph, the drivers, Hope, Ken, Richard, Jeanie, our translators and anyone else I may have missed - we rocked it!!

1 - The PEOPLE of Uganda. Their grace, beauty and raw joy. Their big waves and huge smiles were so infectious. Thank you Uganda for the pleasure of allowing us to visit this beautiful country and sharing your lives with us for a few days.

+ Mary Anne Buchheit

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